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We offer a wide variety of residential cleaning services through our participating house cleaning companies. Below we have provided our recommendations on how to maintain your home through the types of house cleaning services offered nationwide.

Did you know that getting your home professionally cleaned is not just a matter of cleanliness but also maintenance as well? Keeping your home cleaned on a regular basis helps to maintain the condition and value of your home. Keeping surfaces from building up dirt allows the construction materials and paint to last longer, which in return helps the home keep its value. Review our services below to get on track with a regular maintenance cleaning schedule.

What We Deliver

Standard Cleaning- This cleaning is designed to maintain the cleanliness of your home. We recommend this type of cleaning if you just need a basic cleaning or if you want to maintain your home after having a Deep or Annual Cleaning. If your home has not had a heavy/detail clean within the last 6 months you might want to consider our Deep or Annual Cleaning to get your home in shape before having a Standard Cleaning.

We offer janitorial services for all kind of companies. We service the cleaning needs of small- to large-sized companies, institutions, establishments, restaurants, stores, apartment buildings, domestic households and more.

Window Cleaning- With our participating window cleaning companies our website provides the highest level of window cleaning the industry offers. All participating window cleaning companies on our website use the latest in cleaning chemicals and procedures.

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What We Offer


Schedule a Deep Cleaning with the US and get 10% off the regular listed prices.


Schedule a Standard cleaning with the M & G and get 5% off the regular listed prices.